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May 01, 2012
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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The Little Red Boat HD 004


The Little Red Boat HD 004 Description

“The Little Red Boat” from PAR-Dings

Released by PAR Insights “Where Education Meets Entertainment”

Enjoy the FULL VERSION of “The Little Red Boat” for FREE!

Because No One Will Regret PAR-ding!

The Little Red Boat is the first in a series of books written by Dr. Kruti Lehenbauer that aims to impart basic behavioral lessons to toddlers and young children. The title character in the story is the Little Red Boat, who is young, happy-go-lucky, and like young children is defiant and disobedient when he thinks he can get away with it. At the same time he loves his parents very much, and is willing to please them at every chance he gets.
This particular story focuses on the importance of listening to parents and other responsible adults and demonstrates the negative consequences of not doing so in an easy-to-understand, colorful format. More importantly, these lessons are conveyed in a subtle manner by allowing children to associate themselves or other people (imaginary friends, anyone?) to the title character and learn some life lessons by living vicariously through the Red Boat.

PAR-Dings Application Description
PAR-Dings (from PAR Insights) is an affordable and diverse collection of children’s stories designed to entertain toddlers and young children while also educating them about language and more importantly, life, in an easy, colorful, and friendly manner. These short stories are a perfect alternative to movies, television shows, and unproductive video games as each story has an underlying positive message for children. The “Ding” sound at the end of each slide is reference to the audio cue for the child to turn the page in each story. The images are intentionally designed to be bright and simple so that the parent or an older sibling can re-produce them easily using pen and paper. The text is simple enough for an early reader to read themselves also and for all children to comprehend. The ease–of–use makes it a snap for even the youngest of kids to enjoy PAR-Dings.
So, go ahead DOWNLOAD a PAR-Ding TODAY and open up a whole new world for your child!
•Beautiful, Bright and Simple Illustrations.
•Simple Text for easy comprehension and early reading skills
•Two Reading Modes
“Read With Me” with audio narration in English
“Read By Myself”, without audio narration
•Bookmark (picks where you left)
•Home button which allows you to go to the beginning of the story anytime
•Front and Back Arrow allowing you to skip pages if needed
•App available for both iPad and iPhone/iTouch
Please visit us on the web at for more great stories.

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