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Jan 17, 2014
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The Headache Stopper


The Headache Stopper Description

The Headache Stopper provides fast, effective, drug-free relief from anxiety, and headaches (even migraines) in just minutes! This “tuning” process has been developed and refined for several years by the lead Physical Therapist at Maximum Function. His primary goal is to help people…period!

Simple and Effective:
The Headache Stopper is designed to be used alone or in combination with our simple to use “tuning tools” without the use of drugs or other medicines!

How it Works:
The Headache Stopper eliminates pain by “re-tuning” the nervous system. Stress is the trigger that causes most headaches and migraines. The Headache Stopper method attacks stressed nerves by tuning the nervous system through visual, audio, and humming soft tones to interrupt the pain pathways and restore your peace of mind and body.

Tap the initial screen to hum to a pleasant note sequence. Tap the screen again to stop. 60 seconds is usually sufficient. Users are encouraged to try the app until they become comfortable with the exercise. Repeat daily. Use at the start of a headache, or when a headache is likely to occur soon.

Use the supplied peaceful images; include your favorite images from your camera roll; or both.
Choose a comfortable amount of time to hum to each note.
Choose a comfortable amount of time to breathe between each note.

“Before narcolepsy diagnosis, neuralgia, and, what I think was shingles that caused such severe nerve pain in my arms, I stayed active with exercise.

These series of events really knocked me down in different ways...and quite severely.

The narcolepsy diagnosis created a bad depression and I hardly left my bed for a year. My body got softer and was more prone to sprains than before.

I tried to get back into the habit of exercising but when the neuralgia hit, it seemed impossible to keep a routine. Plus, the more I did when I could, the more muscles I seemed to sprain. Each sprain was a few months of recovery.

So for the last 3 years exercise has been hit and miss. The snowball effect of the neuralgia pain eventually made it so every time I exercised I got a migraine within about 20 minutes. In spring of this year I pretty much gave up on exercise. There were a couple of times I did give it a try but my anxiety about the pain to come was so overwhelming. I have had very little exercise for about 6 months.

I had an overwhelming urge to get on the elliptical today. I even tried to talk myself out of it, but my urge was too strong.

About 15 minutes into it my anxiety started to climb. My body went into auto pilot mode and started doing the humming/tuning app. I would run through it a few times, find relaxation, then stop. Every few minutes the anxiety would creep up and I would hum/tune again, and repeat until my 30 minutes was up.

With grateful tears I am happy to report that I came out of this without a migraine. I do have a mild ache in the side if my face, but it's mild.

I am SO excited! I know this is only day one, but I feel hopeful that I can find a consistent routine again.
Thank you!”

“I will try to explain some of my thoughts as a patient with experience in using guided imagery, meditation, biofeedback, etc. […] Have you listened to other guided relaxation Apps before?? You've done a wonderful job in creating one. At first I had to breathe the tones out as I memorized them and began to start out slowly due to pain making my nervous system hyper. And I'm able to recall those tones during a flare up when I don't have the App on which helps calm me down. ”

This app cannot substitute the advice resulting from a consultation from a trained medical practitioner.

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