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Jun 12, 2014
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The Connect Plus


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** Combine your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all into one feed **

The Connect Plus is completely AD FREE!

The most simple and easiest way to view and update your favorite social medias, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all from one app on your iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch.

The Connect App allows you to connect with you social medias from anywhere in the world with a simple Internet connection. The app is also localized in 10 languages! (English, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish)

Download The Connect App now FOR FREE to start using one simple app to manage all of your social media needs!

** Features
•View all your friend’s Facebook status updates, images, links and more
•Update your Facebook with status updates, pictures and wall posts
•View all the likes and comments on any status update or picture from your Facebook feed
•View your friends profiles and wall
•Post on your friends wall
•View all of your friends Tweets
•Post your own Tweets and pictures to Twitter
•Ability Retweet and Reply tweets
•Have the ability to message other twitter users
•View all of your followers Instagram photos
•Ability to view all the likes and comments on an Instagram photo
•Like and comment on Instagram images
•View instagram images full screen
•Ability to update your LinkedIn
•View activity from your LinkedIn connections

Via Twitter and Instagram @TheConnectApp

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