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Apr 05, 2014
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The Child Development App


The Child Development App Description

A must have program by Pediatricians for Parents!

The most comprehensive app for child development!

The Child Development App allows parents to:
• Determine a child’s abilities based on age
• See if a child is advanced for age
• See ETAs for upcoming milestones
• Browse a library of 250 milestones
• Be there for all important moments

Fun, easy to use, a must have for all!

The first five years of your child’s life is filled with countless milestones. Most parents will remember their child’s first smile, first steps, and first words. But these represent only a small fraction of the firsts your child will experience as they grow.

The Child Development Guide is a powerful tool that helps parents, pediatricians, pediatric residents, and medical students learn about a child’s development. By imputing a child’s age, this program will instantly display milestones that have likely been accomplished, milestones that may have been accomplished, and future milestones. Milestones are broken down into social, adaptive, language, motor, and problem solving. Being comprised of over 250 unique milestones, this application is the most comprehensive summary of child development available! It will explain to the user the many subtle yet sophisticated abilities a child already has. It will show the user the upcoming firsts in a child’s growth and development. And it can assess if a child is advance or behind for their age.

This software is intended for educational purposes only. Use of this software is subject to the user agreement. Assessing the developmental abilities of a child is ultimately very difficult and requires a trained professional. If you have a concern about a child’s development, please have them be seen in person by a physician or a developmental specialist.

Suggestions or feedback? Please write us at

Use of app is subject to our user agreement.

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