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Jun 11, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 17

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That’s So Query!


That’s So Query! Description

Have you ever gotten a laugh at the suggested search terms when looking for something on Google? We know we have. Test your knowledge of what Google users want to know by guessing the most popular query for each question. The results may surprise you!

That’s So Query™ is a game that offers some insight into the curiosities of the general public…or at least those that use Google as a search engine. But you may find that you are more interested in reading the questions and responses than you are concerned with your score. After all, that is how this game came to exist in the first place – us at Glow getting a kick out of suggested search terms.

While this game is a ton of fun to play solo, it’s always better to laugh with company. Some of the questions will be surprising, interesting, hilarious, or even shocking. So the next time you’re hanging out with friends, taking a road trip, or traveling with the family, take out That’s So Query™ and get the party going.

That’s So Query™ was developed by Glow Play, a division of Glow Interactive.

Basic Features:

o 2 game modes: solo and multiplayer
o 1000’s of queries
o 10 multiple choice questions per game
o 2 bonus rounds per game
o Save favorite queries to be viewed later in Google
o Share funny queries on Facebook

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