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Jun 10, 2014
Avg. score: 5
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TGB - Trap Producer MPC Pro


TGB - Trap Producer MPC Pro Description

Just when you thought that making great sounding Trap Instrumentals was expensive and difficult, TGB came along and changed the game!

TGB is an ultra simple to use Trap music production tool.

TGB will always be there when you feel the need to jam some Trap sounds, once you get some ideas you can freestyle over the top of the track, you'll be the OG in the hood.

The App contains four banks of crystal clear professionally recorded Trap loops that are ready mixed and in key to make sure your always sounds perfect. Each bank contains eight loops, so thats thirty two professional loops for only 99 c !!!

If you find top end music production apps take too long to get a great sounding beat or that lower end apps suffer in sound quality and just look ugly, welcome to the world of TGB.

Just tap a pad to start the loop then tap another pad in time to set another loop into the's as simple as that!! But, you will be amazed at the quality of the sound you can produce so quickly and easily.

This is the ultimate Trap jamming tool.

Don't wait, grab the app today and create great Trap.

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