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Nov 05, 2013
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Telling Time - Fun learn to tell time game [Free]


Telling Time - Fun learn to te Description

Tell time is an engaging and interactive app for iPad that teaches time to elementary kids in an exciting Jungle theme using beautiful clock designs and encouraging voice-overs. Our apps are used by 800,000 kids and trusted by teachers in 2000+ schools.

★ Key Features
● Ideal for AGES 4 - 9
● Broken up into 8 different topics with ENGAGING LESSONS
● INTERACTIVE problems that assess the kid's mastery of concepts
● Weekly progress REPORT
● EARN COINS to play with Chimpz - the chimpanzee in prizes section

★ Users - Established brand
Tell time is a recent addition to SPLASH MATH Grade 1-5 series of apps. Our apps have been:
● WINNER of "Best Elementary Student App" (2011), by
● Used by 800,000 kids - Over 15 million minutes spent on Splash Math
● Trusted by teachers in more than 2000 schools

"Of the educational apps that I have reviewed, it is a more expensive application, however, the capabilities and skills that your child(ren) will master will be well worth your money!!" - 

"I’m very impressed with the thoroughness of content in Splash Math. I really like the workbook concept and it works well here. This is most definitely a well thought out, well designed, educational and entertaining Math app." - The iPhone Mom 

★ Table of Contents
This app contains eight topics which progressively teach time beginning from understanding clocks to elapsed time. Each topic has a lesson and a test section.

1. The clocks - Learn about the analog clock and the digital clock

2. Time to the hour - Learn to tell and set time to the hour [Only Preview]
3. Half hour [Only Preview]
4. Quarter hour
 [Only Preview]
5. Time to five minutes 
[Only Preview]
6. Time to the minute
 [Only Preview]
7. AM and PM - Learn to tell time in AM/PM [Only Preview]
8. Elapsed time - Learn to measure time and use time in everyday life
 [Only Preview]

★ Interactive Lessons
● Voice reads out lessons and examples
● Dynamically generated examples in every topic
● Animated examples make learning fun

★ Adaptive Tests
● Interactive assessment problems in every topic
● Test adapts to the child's level of understanding and questions are dynamically generated
● Problems reinforce the concepts taught in the lesson
● Double-clock math problems
● Set the time problems
● AM / PM time problems

★ Track progress
● Progress report for the performance in tests available in the report section
● Parents/Teachers can subscribe to weekly email reports to track kid's progress

★ Fun Prizes
● Earn coins by answering questions correctly in the tests
● Use the coins to accessorize the mascot - Chimpz in the prizes section
● Fun accessories - cool shades, head gears, neck gears, shoes
● Once accesorized, the mascot retains the fashion in the app 
● Poke and play with the mascot- Chimpz the chimpanzee

★ StudyPad Support
Dedicated Support is built into our DNA. We love to hear from you, our user- whatever you have to say, small or big. Your opinion matters to us and we act upon your feedback and recommendations to make the apps even better. We want you to be our customer for a lifetime of fun and learning.

Questions? We are here to help. Email us at

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