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Jul 15, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 73

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TapTap Remove HD Lite


TapTap Remove HD Lite Description

EASY + TIME-KILLER + FUN = Tap Tap Remove

======== FULL VERSION | REVIEWS ======
" Fun simple brain gymnastics! " FROM CANADA
======== ====================== ======
" Great game! Play it all the time. Love, love, love it! Now my mother's stuck on it too and she's 84!!! I think she bought herself an iPad just to play this game. " FROM USA
======== ====================== ======
" Simple. Stress remover game. " FROM USA
======== ====================== ======
" I cannot stop playing! Amazing game! " FROM USA
======== ====================== ======
" Fun way to spend or waste your time."
======== ====================== ======
" Easy game to learn, yet very addicting!"
======== ====================== ======
" Excellent!! Totally addicting."
======== ====================== ======
"Love this game......can play for hours!"
======== ====================== ======

==================== Tap Tap Remove ==

This is a game that you play when you are bored with everything else.

Its simplicity makes it so addicting. There are 3 levels of difficulty. If you are not in a thinking mood, the 'Easy' mode is for you. It is simple but indeed needs a small amount of strategy when it comes near the end of the board. If you want to burn some neurons the 'Normal' and 'Hard' modes are there for you.
Tap Tap Remove is the simplest but funniest game of its kind which brings you hours and hours of fun.

======================= HOW TO PLAY ==

- Tap to remove blocks of two or more tiles of the same color.
- Remove bigger blocks of tiles to get more points.
- If you are stuck with single tiles use the SOS button
- Clear the board as many time as you can to make higher scores

========================== FEATURES ==

*VERY NEW* Puzzle Boards *VERY NEW*
- Fun & Simple game-play
- 2 Game-play mode: Classic & NEW!
- 3 Levels of difficulty
- Cool board and tile particles
- Happy sets of colors :)
- Retina Display for iPhone 4 and iPad
- Board size for iPad & iPhone
- Bonus for removing bigger blocks of tiles
- Game Center (online leaderboards) in Full Version
- 3 Wonderfull musics
====================== LITE VERSION ==

- Limited Time in each day
- Connect to the internet and Play the game for free with an Advertise Banner.
- Game Center is not available
- Only 1 background music

Get the full version and enjoy the full game.

======================== CONTACT US ==

We are so into making new updates and are listening to our fans' opinions, so make sure to get this game and feel free to contact us and share your ideas about the game, we will be happy to implement them and make better updates to the game.

============= Other Cool NEMO GAMES ==

- Finger Rider
- Max My Sum

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