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May 10, 2013
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TapStats PC


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Get the official stats display app for the Presbyterian College Blue Hose and be a part of the action from anywhere in the world!

TapStats is the official stat provider for PC and designed for use by all staff, media, and fans to provide the most detailed, up to date & reliable stats for HOME ONLY Men's / Women's Basketball, Football, Baseball and Softball events in the industry.

Whether you're sitting on press row, a television production truck, a sports bar, a comfy couch or in another country entirely, you will always have the best seats in the house for the fastest and most accurate stats available anywhere!

Data is harvested directly from the schools official stat computer and sent to TapStats with no delay or 3rd party involved! TapStats unique school partnership ensures accuracy as well as complete coverage of the entire game.

Key features include:

Multiple views - Interface layout derived from communication and hands-on experience with major media entities to determine the best order and layout for quick reference during live radio and TV broadcasts.

Organized by team and player - Stats can be displayed with team or player totals, organized by stats accessed most frequently.

Historical game archives - Gain access to all the previous game data in incredible detail instantly at your fingertips! We archive at least one year of previous game data at all times.

Live scores from around the country - A one stop place for all your scores! Stay up to date with scores and progress from games throughout the country while watching your favorite team compete. National scores are available for Men's and Women’s Basketball, Football, Baseball and Pro Football.

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