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Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE!

Susan Miller, creator of, designed a free, eagerly-awaited daily horoscope app. Chock-full of easy to use astrological information, Susan keeps you up-to-date on all phases of your life each day. Her advice is intelligent, practical, stimulating and endearingly inspirational.

Known for her warm, reflective and sympathetic nature, and extraordinary accuracy, Susan has been an accredited, full-time astrologer for over 25 years. You can be sure that the advice and information you receive is from a trusted source. Susan is the most influential astrologer of her generation and her tone is one of a caring, best friend.

The FREE version includes:

1. Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE is delivered as short, smart, and to-the-point news bytes. Each forecast pertains to the day ahead, and you can check for tomorrow or view the forecast for yesterday. You’ll receive daily forecasts 365 days a year--all 12 signs--so you can read for your Sun sign, rising sign, or for your sweetheart, spouse, friend, or family member.

2. Read Susan’s column from, the site millions of readers love. With Susan’s monthly reports on your app, you’ll have no need to retrieve Susan’s data off the Web, avoiding costly carrier online fees. Susan’s handy summary at the end of each sign’s monthly report allows you to quickly note trends and see key dates.

3. Press the blue star - Susan Miller’s Twitter feed will be accessible to you directly from your free app. For Twitter, Susan is @Astrologyzone and she links Twitter posts to her Facebook account, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, also accessible. Susan shares news and responds to many reader posts.

About Susan Miller

Susan has written nine books on astrology, and is monthly contributing editor of Elle US, Vogue Japan, W Korea, Her World Singapore, Tempo Turkey, Lola Brazil, Amica Italy and S Moda Spain

Upgrade to Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone Daily PLUS!

In the paid subscription premium version of your app, you’ll get MORE!

• Susan longer daily forecast (approx. 75+ words) gives a detailed look at the coming day and trends for future weeks. You can always re-read yesterday’s forecast or look ahead to tomorrow’s advice.

• Susan’s long monthly forecast is reprinted inside your app, avoiding the need to go on the Web, where you’d incur costly mobile fees.

• Important Dates lists your key dates to watch in coming weeks. This critical feature allows you to set appointments and plan initiations. Touch any date and more info often comes up.

• The social media FB and Twitter feature is still available under the blue star. (See free version.)

• Cosmic Tools: Learn about astrology--get more from Susan’s forecasts. Know about each horoscope house and planet. Discover how signs are classified.

• Personality Section:

1. Matchmaker: You’ll love this huge 65,000-word compatibility report. It gives detailed insight into your romantic relationship. With 144 possible relationship combinations, this is Susan’s most popular feature. Check reports both ways, such as, Aries with Leo, and Leo with Aries, for 2 completely different reports.

2. Quick Match Lounge Guide: Concise clever descriptions of how you’ll relate to your new romantic partner. Read them together and laugh--break the ice!

3. Fitness: Get fit and lose weight by working with your sign’s metabolism, preferences, and natural proclivities.

4. Stress Busters: Every sign has a favorite way to relax. Find yours!

5. Gift Guide: Make finding the perfect gift a snap!

6. AstroCar Style Guide: What does your car say about you?

7. Vacation Tips: Travel to the ideal location and make the most of your time off.

8. Seducing Your Lover: For married or attached couples—add spice to your relationship!

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