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Dec 22, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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Stress Management (Video Training / Watch Online)


Stress Management (Video Train Description

You may either want to sit back with your earphones on, or you may want to lie on your sofa with a cup of tea. Enjoy the improvement continually through video trainings.
Do not let stress raise difficulties in your life.
•Realize the stressful situations
•Learn how to deal with stress
•Make use of the positive sides of stress
•Realize the impressive power of saying ‘No’
•Let off your stress through breathing exercises.
For Whom?
Anyone who desires to stay away from stress and to live optimistically.

What's in it?
•What’s stress?
•Ways of coping up with stress
•Learn to say ‘No’
•Breathing exercises
Duration: 20 minutes
Hızlı Eğitim Personal and Corporate Education Platform
•Learn fast through regularly updated trainings created by experts!
•It's the home of e-learning in a safe, fast, easy and effective way!
•Get updated with regularly renewed quality trainings!
•Get access to trainings with no limitation!
•Revise and review the subjects you have forgotten!
•Make your own training schedule!
•Test your knowledge through assessment and evaluation instruments!
•Receive a certificate if you wish!
Through e-Learning:
•You can elicit an effective, easily-remembered and fast information transfer
•You can support the development of individuals
•You can reduce your training expenses
•You can upgrade your standards
•You can increase information sharing and communication
•You can contribute to the protection of your environment
Our difference as Infinity E-Learning:
•We provide training contents with continually updated excellence of quality
•We provide trainings along with unlimited access license which enables our users to review previous subjects
•We place emphasis on assessment and evaluation instruments and making training into competence. We maintain the progression through surveys, reminders, action plans, tests, assignments and improvement planning tools
•Training-related messages and images increase the memorability
•It's high time you stopped wasting your time in boring trainings! You can do better!
•Think of it this way: how good can a training with no memorability be? That's the reason why we use clear and simple expressions in training transfer thanks to our improved method
Makes learning easier!

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