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Dec 31, 2013
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The strategy+business collection

The strategy+business collection is a series of compendiums, each of which contains a compilation of essential articles, videos, and columns from the pages of strategy+business magazine. Our compendiums include “Don’t Blame Your Culture” and “The Executive Guide to Strategy,” and they represent the best of our thinking about organizational culture and corporate strategy.

1. Don’t Blame Your Culture: Everyone knows that corporate culture matters. After the job title, duties and salary, it’s typically the thing that a job applicant cares about most: “What’s it like to work there?” A corporate culture, in effect, is the sum of all the mixed-up, confounding, admirable yet off-putting, noble yet self-serving, bitter and sweet things that people do, say, think, and feel in every company every day. This collection contains essential corporate culture articles from strategy+business.

2. The Executive Guide to Strategy: Although it is fundamental to business success, the discipline of strategy remains elusive to many of us. Indeed, if asked to provide a simple definition of the term, many experienced business leaders may not have it at their fingertips. But finding the right strategy—the formula for ongoing success that differentiates your firm and unlocks your capacity to create value—is well worth the effort.

strategy+business is published by the global management consulting firm Booz & Company.

The strategy+business Collection offers:
1. Don’t Blame Your Culture: a single compendium issue for $4.99 (non-subscription)
2. The Executive Guide to Strategy: a single compendium issue for $4.99 (non-subscription)

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