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Jun 18, 2013
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Stock Protector


Stock Protector Description

stock market trading app which shows you the exact put options quantity, strike price, and cost required to eliminate all risk in the price of your stock falling.

Enter the live market price of the put option that Stock Protector says, and test simulate your final profits based on different prices going up and down.

If the market price is anything lower than the app says, you have obtained arbitrage on your position. If you buy the put options for the price the app says you will not loose any money if the price of your stock falls.

Mr and Mrs. Smith both work for a large insurance company and have a combined total of 7,000 shares in pension, retirement, and margin accounts. They are happy with the company and the long term outlook and potential of the company, however due to a weakening economy they are worried about losing money.

Using Stock Protector on Mr. Smith's Iphone

Mr. Smith enters in the stocks name and current price of $50 per share. screen1

He then enters the quantity of shares they purchased (7,000) and the average price per share $39.85 screen2

Stock Protector then tells them that they need to purchase 70 put options at a $50 strike price for a cost not exceeding $10.15 screen3

Mr. Smith looks up the option chain of the stock and sees that the Jan 18th 2014 $50 strike put option is trading at $4.65.

He enters the market price of the $50 put option of $4.65 screen4 and sees immediately that he can obtain arbitrage on his position and guarantee himself 8 months of sleep easy nights because he has guaranteed profit no matter what happens to the stock.

Using Stock Protector he can quickly see that if the company does well from now until January 2014 and the price goes to $58 he will profit $94,500. If the stock goes down to $42, $30, $20, or $10 he still profits $38,500 because he purchased the put options above.

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