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Aug 03, 2013
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Steam Desk


Steam Desk Description

Steam Desk turns your iPad into a steampunk styled nightstand alarm clock. There are currently two steampunk styles to select between via the Settings app.

The current time and alarm countdown time are both displayed as realistic and very cool nixie tubes!

It features weather forecasts and calendar events for the next couple days to help you plan your day when you wake up. It has two alarm times you can set and each can be customized as to which days of the week they are to be active.

Steam Desk also monitors the National Weather Service for public alerts (storms, tornadoes, etc) in your area and will sound an alert if a severe condition is imminent.

Please note that the weather service information is currently only available for the United States.

Your local zip code and National Weather Service county/zone code as well as several other customization options can be set via the Settings app.

Steam Desk can also play one of three ambient sounds to help you fall asleep. And, you can select between two alarm sounds or have it play tracks from a special iTunes playlist for the alarm.

Steam Desk will sound the alarm at full volume even if the iPad's volume is muted or turned down or if running in the background.

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