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May 03, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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Focused Confidence = Pool Success

When you miss shots that you should make, and lose games that you shouldn’t lose, how many times has it been due to mental mistakes or breakdowns? If you are like most pool players, you know what you “should have done” but nervous energy took over, breaking your focused confidence, resulting in “choking.” The Sports Performance Assessment – Pool (SPA-Pool) is designed as an educational tool that will help you immediately sharpen your focused confidence, allowing you to maximize your pool playing abilities.

The original Sports Performance Assessment has been used by countless elite-level athletes with great success, and now for the first time SPA-Pool has been designed to apply the same approach (questionnaire – results – specific feedback) to help pool players worldwide reach their full pool playing potential.

SPA-Pool will help you develop Focused Confidence, the key to unleashing your master pool game – as your belief system strengthens, your anxiety will diminish, allowing you to play “in the zone” on a consistent basis.

What you get with the Sports Performance Assessment - Pool:

- Easy to use 50 question assessment measuring 5 critical elements to mental toughness: arousal control, mental preparation, confidence, focus, and the ability to handle adversity

- Confidential testing and assessment for just a few dollars – no need to spend thousands of dollars on professional counseling, expensive books/videos, and day-long seminars

- Personalized results immediately provided to you in colorful graphs showing your strengths and weaknesses

- Unique trend data capture that allows you to compare scores from multiple testing points throughout the year, allowing you to actually “see” your mental toughness – and athletic potential – increase as the pool season progresses!

- Test results that can be conveniently emailed to you so that you can store on your computer, as well as print off to keep in your pool performance journal

- Unique, detailed performance reports with specific pool tips unique to your individualized scores, designed to help you immediately improve in your areas of weakness by using professional instruction from Dr. Stankovich

- Unlimited testing & feedback – track your progress throughout your entire pool career!

Dr. Christopher Stankovich is a national authority in the field of sport performance science and has assisted thousands of athletes reach their full potential. Please visit for biography, products, and services.

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