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Jun 22, 2013
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Sophos Mobile Encryption


Sophos Mobile Encryption Description

Access encrypted files stored in the cloud using our free iOS app. Used together with the optional SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption for Cloud Storage module, this app extends access to encrypted files to your mobile devices and ensures persistent encryption wherever your users are working. Simple!

Sophos Mobile Encryption gives you access to your encrypted files on your iOS device. Files encrypted with the SafeGuard Encryption for Cloud Storage module can be stored securely in your cloud storage account and then opened using a passphrase on your mobile device. You can also access encrypted files which you have uploaded to the app using iTunes.

Features available in this version:
•Extend your data protection to your mobile devices. Our free iOS app allows you secure mobile access to your encrypted files
•Use a pre-defined passphrase to open your files

Supported cloud storage solutions:
Dropbox, Egnyte, Telekom Media Center, GoogleDrive, plus generic WebDAV support

Additional features available via in-app purchasing:
•Mark files for offline usage for access at any time
•Mark files as favorites to give you quick and easy access

IMPORTANT NOTE: This app can only be used in combination with the SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption for Cloud Storage module. For more information, please visit the Sophos website.

NOTE: If you have any problems with this app, before leaving a 1-star review, please check our monitored support forum for help.

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