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Jun 09, 2014
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Smartgroschen – free calls & messages, cheap phone calls


Smartgroschen – free calls & m Description

Smartgroschen is an app intended to make calling people all around the world and chatting with them a lot easier, but also more convenient thanks to the features the app offers.

It represents a piece of software which can easily be used to call others, but also for text chatting. One of its most important features is represented by the fact that it can be used to call real phone numbers without the need of cell data. Its operations can be done on both Wi-Fi, but also 3G making it convenient for anyone who wants to talk without having to pay a high amount of money in return. At start you get 0,50 euro gratis!

Smartgroschen easily allows you to connect with any other users of the same app with whom you can chat and talk free of charge, and send video and pictures as an attachment. Your mobile contact list is also synced with the app, thus detecting which ones are using Smartgroschen, therefore making the process effortless.

This chat application has an additional number of features which can be used by anyone in order to get important information across but also have fun while doing so. Together with the facts which have been highlighted above, some of the main features include sending video clips, short movie attachments, but also audio and photo attachments, making sharing information easier as well.

The feature list also includes geo target functionality along with delivery confirmation, aimed at letting you know if your contact has received your message, removing any doubt you may have. Chatting is also made fun through the use of free emoticons. Additionally, like any other chat application, it also offers push notifications which are made to ensure that you never miss a call or a message even if the app is not turned on. You can also appear online or offline and send voicemails which are saved as MP3s and delivered to your contact’s e-mail address. The features don’t stop here, as Smartgroschen also allows its users to join conference calls.
The app aims at providing its users with cheap calling while also providing the app free of charge or advertising. By being able to chat over Wi-Fi and 3G networks together with its push notifications feature, you’ll never miss another call.

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We are always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please email us at We can help you.

Check if VoIP in your country is not blocked! If yes, we can not assure you that Smartgroschen will work properly (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait).
Anyway you can contact us on we will try to help you.

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