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Nov 20, 2013
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SmartCircle Presenter


SmartCircle Presenter Description

Turn your iPad, iPhone or iPod into a instant Information Centre! SmartCircle Presenter is designed to show your Internet, image or video based content quickly and easily. SmartCircle Presenter is highly configurable and allows you to customize how your content is presented on the iOS device.

SmartCircle Presenter enables you to convert your iOS device into a fully functional Kiosk display that can continuously play video, display images or load a website.

Media messages can be tailored to the device status such as idle, touched or lifted states. The iPad will detect when somebody touches or lifts the device and switches instantly to the new media message. For example the iPad can run a promotional video and switch to a web based registration form once the customer touches or lifts the device.

SmartCircle Presenter lets you run your kiosk from files stored locally on your iPad, avoiding downtime due to inconsistent Internet connections in conference centers and other public areas.

Monitor your kiosks remotely by setting SmartCircle Presenter to email you if your iPad loses power or reports a system failure. Deploying multiple kiosks? Set an SmartCircle ID for each iPad and Presenter will let you know which one is in trouble. Change your kiosk settings remotely by changing the setting in the SmartCircle remote configurator.

Presenter enables the playing of in-store, lobby, welcome room or corporate office media messages but can also be used for:

- Digital Signage
- Lead Capture
- Menus
- Welcoming Kiosk
- Polls
- Product Catalog
- Surveys
- Forms


- Plays unique media on Idle, Lifted or Touched states
- Uses video, images or websites for each of the above states
- Display a customized media for each orientation [Portrait/Landscape]
- Settings page is PIN protected
- Use idle time limits to automatically return to the Idle media, so that new visitors don't have to start where the previous user left off.
- Control public use by notifying locally or remotely if someone unplugs the charger
- Receive email notifications from each of your kiosks if the device is unplugged from power or headphone jacks are removed.

The SmartCircle Presenter is a component of SmartCircle’s Retail Automation System and can be converted to managed mode as well.

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