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Jun 10, 2014
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Smart Passive Income


Smart Passive Income Description

Welcome to the Smart Passive Income (SPI) multimedia app. I'm Pat Flynn, creator of Smart Passive Income. Thanks for being here!

This SPI app is an easy-to-use and all-in-one resource that aligns all of my content channels. From my award-winning SPI podcast to my breakout AskPat podcast and my industry-leading SPI blog, I publish a ton of content that shares proven online business strategies and tactics to help fellow entrepreneurs like you build profitable businesses of your own.

Specifically, I experiment with and report on a range of online media and business models ranging from blogs to podcasts, social media, niche sites, ebooks, online courses, affiliate marketing, productivity hacks, creativity methods, and more. I consider myself the crash test dummy of online business—testing new concepts, being transparent about the process, and sharing what works (and what doesn't).

If you're one of my amazing fans, thank you! You mean so much to me. I hope you enjoy this app as a fun, convenient way to learn and prosper from my stories and case studies. If I can make it better, please let me know!

If we're meeting for the first time because of this app, it's a thrill to meet you! Welcome to the SPI family. We're here to support one another as we learn and grow into smarter entrepreneurs. I'm transparent about everything, including my monthly income. If you have a question, just ask!

This SPI app was built with love to better serve you! Let's get going and see what happens!

## Version 1.0.0

Flynntastic features in our inaugural 1.0 release include:

* A real-time feed of all Pat's premium content from the SPI blog, SPI podcast, and AskPat podcast.
* Easy feed filter and search options to help you find exactly the content you desire most.
* Gorgeous in-app podcast player that keeps playing if you exit the app (but don't cancel it) and is controllable from the lock-screen.
* Proactive push notifications to alert you anytime Pat publishes new content. (Push notifications can be easily deactivated from the Settings panel too.)
* Access to the online business tools Pat loves and uses every day to keep his business running.
* Hot links to Pat's social profiles where you can strike up a conversation with him anytime.
* More than a little magic thanks to the house elves.

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