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Jan 06, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 12

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Smart Keyboard ( + Smart Favorites )


Smart Keyboard ( + Smart Favor Description

★ Keeping track of user's writing history Smart Keyboard suggests finished words before you're fully written and anticipates what the user is trying to write after only one or two letters and sometimes even before the user starts writing.
★ This sophisticated writing assistant sorts and expresses a user's personal writing style and includes a word-bank( and pattern-bank ) of suggested words that include commonly used slang and specific punctuation that most normal mobile keyboards simply don't pick up on.

- This is not a regular keyboard. It won't stop as you use it. It gets smarter and smarter.
- You can make sentence with tap instead of typing word.
- Reduce your Typing Incredibly as you use.
- This is totally different with Spell checker. Because You will choose word before you type.
( Don't waste time to correction of word. )
- Do not need to change keypad everytime for specific punctuation. (ex:Apostrophe)
- Apply for a patent. ( Word suggestion by Pattern Based )

★ Default Features
- EMail
- SMS ( switch )
- Quick Memo ( Fast,Easy : Strongly Recommend )
- Twitter
- FaceBook

★ Smart Favorites ( BookMark )
- Register Everything whatever you want.
- Call,SMS,EMail,Web Link,App Link,Others
- Just One Tap for Everything Through This App.

★ Post Message Option
- Post Message to App or WebSite Directly. ( Do not need to copy/paste text )
- Option On : Your Message will be added after Link.

★ [App Link] And [Post Message Link] are Depends on Each App or WebSite.
- Search on Internet or Ask to the Company. ( Don't ask to Our Company. )
- Specific application or website may not be supported.
★ [App Link] And [Post Message Link] samples include.

★ Auto EMail Title : First Line or Beginning part of message.
★ Auto-Copy To ClipBoard : When App enter to the Background.
★ Supports All Languages.

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