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Feb 11, 2014
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Smallandlord - Property Management for Small Landlords


Smallandlord - Property Manage Description

Are you looking for a property management app that does more than just bookkeeping? Do you want your records up-to-date so you are always well prepared for an audit with the IRS? Would you like to communicate clearly with your tenants,contractors and vendors? Are calendar and task reminders important to you? And how would you like to be able to manage everything anytime anywhere? Smallandlord is the property management app that will help you manage your portfolio more easily and efficiently than all other apps. Your data are safely stored in the cloud so you can access them from multiple devices anytime, anywhere without worry.

Smallandlord also provides you management tips. For example, if you would like to increase your tenant's rent, Smallandlord will automatically scan the existing code/regulations about rent control in the property's area (city, county, state). Smallandlord will then be able to notify you if there is any rent control enforcement that may invalidate your rent increase decision. These tips will help our users step away from legal issues before illegal practices happen.

* Daily to-dos and reminders so you won't drop any balls.
* Easy income/cost bookkeeping for each of your properties/units.
* Immediate Schedule E preparation.
* Handy cash flow report.
* Contractor and property information any time anywhere.
* Instructive work flow to help new landlords.
* Management tips to help new landlords avoid potential risks.
* Free contractor and vendor recommendations.
* Easy communication with tenants/contractors
* Provides offline mode so you can still access your data even without network connection.

More Features:
* Support partial payments
* Support multiple units
* Support sending statements to your tenants
* Support multiple quotes from multiple vendors
* Support multiple property tax bills so you can input property tax, Mello-Roos, etc. separately
* Support recurring bill management like HOA, Mortgage, Insurance, etc.
* Support taking and storing the pictures of the receipts and other documents.

Optimized for iOS 7, Compatible with iOS 6.

Download and manage your first unit FREE. In App purchase $9.99 to manage up to 100 units

For support, please contact

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