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Feb 16, 2012
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 43

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Simionic Simulator for Garmin G1000


Simionic Simulator for Garmin Description

Check out this new promotional video on Youtube!

-Simionic and the seller are not affiliated with Garmin,
-The app is not provided, approved, endorsed, or otherwise supported by Garmin.

This simulator now supports both FSX and X-Plane! You can use this simulator either as a stand alone trainer or as an instrument for FSX/X-Plane.

You need G1000Bridge(X) to make this simulator working with FSX/X-Plane. Please visit to download G1000Bridge(X).

Garmin G1000 is an integrated avionic system used in many small aircrafts. This simulator simulates a primary flight display(PFD) which is used in Cessna 182T. Most of the useful functionalities has been implemented in this simulator, such as navigation, inset map, flight plan, flight director, and autopilot. Besides that, nearly every nob/button is functioning just like they were on the real G1000.

Because G1000 is a highly integrated system, it is very powerful and also very complicated. It is recommended that you have a real G1000 user guide from Garmin. This simulator can be used by aviation enthusiasts as well as pilots to perform either an IFR training or just fly for fun. There is a global navigation database included in this simulator, and you can fly any where in the world.

I've put a great deal of time and effort into this project. Hope you enjoy playing the simulator and feel free to email me if you have any questions, suggestions or find any bugs. Rate this app with 5 stars, and I will work harder on it!

Detail list of functionalities:

*Control surface implementation
+Pitch and bank are controlled by tilting the device using built-in accelerometer.
+Throttle and rudder are controlled by touching the screen.
*Flight director modes implementation
+Pitch modes
-Pitch Hold: Yes
-Selected Altitude Capture: Yes
-Altitude Hold: Yes
-Vertical Speed: Yes
-Flight Level Change: Yes
-Vertical Path Tracking: Yes
-VNV Target Altitude Capture: Yes
-Glidepath: No
-Glideslope: Yes
-Go Around: No
+Roll modes
-Roll Hold: Yes
-Heading Select: Yes
-Navigation: Yes
-Backcourse: Yes
-Approach: Yes
-Go Around: No
*Autopilot: Yes
*Flight plan
+Store Flight Plan: No
+Invert Flight Plan: Yes
+Closest Point Of FPL: No
+Parallel Track: Yes
+Create ATK Offset Waypoint: Yes
+Direct-to: Yes, with vertical constraints and offset
+Procedures: No
*Navigation database: Global, but may not as detailed or updated as they are in the real G1000.
*Inset map: Zoom in/out, browsing and partly de-clutter are implemented, all the navaids are displayed properly, but does not display detailed geography and regional information. No traffic, topographic data, terrain, storm scope, NEXRAD radar information and XM information.
*Other functionalities
+All the navaids operations(VOR/ILS course select, ADF/VOR/Waypoint bearing indicator, CDI indicator, etc)
+All the PFD settings(Wind, Bearing1/2, HSI format, Alt unit, Standard baro, etc)
+DME source select: Yes
+Transponder settings: Yes
+Timer and references(V speeds and minimums): Yes
+Advisory and alerts: No
*Flight simulator connection
+FSX: Yes
+X-Plane: Yes

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