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May 31, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 98

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Shape Collage Description

Shape Collage is an automatic photo collage maker that lets you create beautiful collages with your photos. In a matter of seconds, you can arrange your photos in the shape of a heart, circle, word or other shapes! It is creative, fun and easy to use. Shape Collage is used by millions worldwide and has been featured by LifeHacker, CNET, Wired, Macworld, iCreate, gHacks, Cameratown, Social Times and more.

"Shape Collage is a Seriously Fun Photo Collage Application" -- Lifehacker

"Shape Collage is a very sophisticated easy to use software program to create photo collages. It comes with all the features expected and provides access to some interesting unique features that most other photo collage applications are not offering." -- gHacks

"It’s a really neat program, basically automating something people used to do by hand with real photos: making a collage. The idea is pretty simple: pick a batch of photos, decide if you want a shape like a square, or a heart, or maybe some text, and set Shape Collage to work." -- Wired

"Shape Collage sets itself apart from the competition thanks to its lack of cute add-ons, and thanks to professional results. Users may never look back because this program is easy to use and looks so good." -- CNET

★ Create collages in the shape of a rectangle, heart, star, butterfly, world, and more
★ Use the text shape to spell out your name in photos
★ Unique photo collage every time
★ The photos are intelligently placed to make the collage look amazing
★ Create collages with up to 100 photos
★ Save the collage to your photo library
★ Send the collage as a gift to someone by email
★ Share the collage with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Note: Shape Collage needs location services permission to access your photos. We do not use your location data in any way, but you must authorize access becuase your photos may contain location information. We respect your privacy! For more details, go to

If you receive an error about location services, enable it by going to Settings > General > Location Services and make sure that Shape Collage is switched on.

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