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May 28, 2013
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Serial+ Lite - Warranty tracker & Serial Number Manager


Serial+ Lite - Warranty tracke Description

Serial+ is an application that helps you organize the warranties that come with everyday purchases. Most of the things we purchase these days come with a warranty, however we often forget to save this important information. Serial+ is here to help. Buy an item, open Serial+ and add it to your list. Quick, easy and how it should be. Serial+ can also help inventory your items for insurance purposes. If you have a fire, flood, theft or other disaster, Serial+ can help get you back on track. You can count on Serial+ to be there when you need the information the most.

Serial+ also stores your software purchases for your convenience. Losing a serial number is something that has happened to most of us and is a real time waster. Keeping your software collection in Serial+ allows you to access it anytime you need them.

We are so confident that you will love Serial+ that we created this free version for everyone to try! Download today and store your existing TVs, phones, computers, tires, and anything else you have purchased! This free version can store 5 software serial numbers and 10 warranty items. If you enjoy Serial+, it can be upgraded to unlock additional features.

Now you know what Serial+ does, here are the technical details on what it can do:


• Type of Item
• Serial Number
• Model / Part Number
• Save photos of the item (Full version only)
• Notes
• Price Paid & Payment Method
• Purchase Location
• Purchase Date
• Manufacturers warranty length & expiration date.
• Extended warranty length, purchase date, length of warranty, expiration date, price and notes.


• Version
• Serial / Activation Codes
• Registered User
• Number of Licences
• Notes
• Purchase details (including date, location, receipt numbers, price and notes).


We know your serial numbers are important to you. We take care to ensure that all serial numbers are safeguarded using ultra-secure AES-256 bit encryption before they are written to the database and/or Dropbox backup.


Serial+ incorporates an easy to use Backup & Restore system using Dropbox. Serial+ can backup your entire list of items including photographs straight to your Dropbox. All serial numbers are encrypted before being stored in Dropbox.

The Backup & Restore feature is very simple to use and great for keeping an emergency backup of your items (just in case). This feature is only available in the full version.


If you want to export your data, we offer two quick and easy ways to accomplish this task. First, you can export in CSV format (Comma Separated Values) which can then easily be imported into your favorite spreadsheet program such as Excel or Open Office. Alternately, you can export all of your items in plaintext format. This feature is only available in the full version.


We are a small company and we stand behind our products. Customer experience is very important for us. If you have any questions or comments (either before or after download) please feel free to contact us.

contact [at]

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