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Secure text messages+email+sms+txt+imessage encryption. Send encrypted

***** All text messages, sms, emails, etc. are fully encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption algorithm.
***** ProtectStar™ apps are preferred by more than 500,000 users in over 100 countries.

Thanks to iCrypter™, you can now convert your device into a highly secure message encryption device.

Impregnable encryption, military style
iCrypter™ is a small and extremely powerful encryption app that encrypts your confidential messages using the 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. This encryption technology is one of the most impregnable available today and is used to encrypt top secret government, industrial and military documents.

The encryption process is carried out right in your device, and its symmetrical cryptography guarantees that your messages can be read solely by their intended recipients.

With this app, you can ensure that all of your sensitive incoming and outgoing messages are impregnably secure, whether they be transmitted via e-mail, Facebook™ or Twitter™. iCrypter™ also enables you to save encrypted texts to your clipboard for use in other messages.

A supremely user friendly app
Despite its high tech security functions, iCrypter™ is incredibly easy to use, as it allows you to encrypt your messages in three easy steps:

1. Write your message in iCrypter™ or paste an existing text into the application.
2. Encrypt your message with a password.
3. Send the encrypted message to one or more recipients.

To post a confidential message on Facebook™ or Twitter™, just click the appropriate button.

Thanks to iCrypter™’s intelligent hyperlink function, a message recipient need only click on an incoming message in order to read it. iCrypter™ then automatically opens and the decryption process begins automatically once the recipient has entered the correct password.

iCrypter™ also supports the encryption of photo, video attachments
iCrypter™ enables you to encrypt not only your e-mails and other messages, but also complete photos, video or document attachments. The app encrypts such items along with your message. This can be done for pictures and videos.

The iCrypter™ address book
With iCrypter™, you can store encryption passwords together with the contact details for specific recipients in a separate iCrypter™ contacts tool, which functions independently of your Apple™ contacts.

All data remains encrypted in the absence of authentication
iCrypter™ uses the practical and secure linear (4 x 4) password entry process, in lieu of conventional password protection. This technology enables you to protect your iCrypter™ application against unauthorized access.

An automatic-delete function – just in case
In the event your Apple™ device is lost or stolen, you need not worry about your contacts and secret encryption passwords stored in iCrypter™ falling into unauthorized hands, because with the automatic-delete function activated the app can be configured so that all of your stored settings such as your bookmarks will be deleted automatically after five invalid passwords are entered.

Twitter™, Facebook™ and the like
Besides text messages and e-mails, you can also use iCrypter™ to send secure twitter, Facebook™ and Skype™ messages. This allows for impregnably secure social-media interaction with friends or groups that have your secret password.

iCrypter™ must be installed with both parties. Please use encryption for good. Encrypting and/or transmitting illegal material is punishable by international laws.

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