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May 12, 2013
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 65

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Savings & Interest Calculator


Savings & Interest Calculator Description

Planning for your retirement? Saving for home or car down payment? Already saving, but want to know how interest changes impact your savings?
Or just don’t like colors in other finance apps?

Earn more interest by making smarter savings decisions! Savings Interest Calculator from Aaero Byte Software Inc. helps you make smarter savings decisions and figure out what it will take to reach your savings goals. Explore “what-if” scenarios for your savings within seconds with just few taps and flicks. For example, find out:
- How much would I have at the end of 5 years if investing $20K with 3% interest?
- How much would I have at the end of 20 years if saving $500/month in income fund with 3% return?
- How much would I have if I add $1000 once per year out of my bonus to above?
- How much do I have to save each month for 20 years if I want to have $100K at the end?
- How much interest would I earn and tax would I pay in the above scenarios?
- How much interest and tax would it be if I pay tax on the interest at the end vs. annually?

+ Customization of the background colors in the app (e.g. prefer blue, red, or green?)
+ Figuring out savings principal growth, interest earned, and tax owed at term end and for each period in all supported scenarios
+ Supported adding initial savings amount (e.g. $50K)
+ Supported interest tax types: accrued annual interest, total interest at term end
+ Supported contribution periods: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually
+ Full savings growth table with interest, tax owed, savings balance, savings growth rate for each payment period for in all supported scenarios
+ Email savings growth table to family, friends, business partners or customers
+ Figuring out needed savings per period for a given end savings amount target
+ Top-up savings payments with your choice of how often (e.g. Quarterly, Annually)
+ Savings term period with years and months (e.g. 4 Yrs and 6 months)
+ Uses local currency
+ Landscape mode for browsing savings table (can be turned-off)
+ Quick & easy to change any of the conditions (e.g. savings period from monthly to bi-weekly)
+ easy access from the app to posted savings rates by major banks to help you make your analysis more accurate
+ single tap access to mortgage calculation & analysis HOW TOs
If you are looking for more advanced analysis and flexibility check out our Savings & Annuity Evaluator Pro (search for “AaeroByte” in the App Store). In it you can do many more what-if scenarios, enter exact figures up to eight decimal places, much higher amounts, and export savings growth table results to a spreadsheet. You can also figure out how long you have to save if putting in $500 a month and want to reach $100K savings amount.

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