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Jun 13, 2014
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Ryple – Fishing Locations Finder


Ryple – Fishing Locations Find Description

Ryple is a fishing location app developed for the fisherman with a busy lifestyle looking
to maximize his/her schedule by identifying when and where insect activity should be the greatest, therefore when and where fish should be feeding.

By defining and displaying the optimal conditions for US streams, Ryple users will know
exactly when and where they have the best likelihood to catch the most fish.

Ryple’s magic comes from leveraging the optimal intersection of water depth, local barometric pressure, and tidal influence to determine what day/hour and stream contains the proper conditions---rype for hatching in the coming week.


*Ryple Data: USGS Stream Gauge Data, Local Barometric Pressure Data, and Solunar Data
*Easy to Understand Ryple Scoring Interface:
(Green = Excellent)
(Yellow = Marginal)
(Red = Poor)
*Robust US Stream Database Featuring 13,000 Streams
*Seven-Day Future Conditions Window

To correspond with other Ryple users by sharing images and stories, join the
user community.

NOTE: Ryple does not guarantee in any way that you will catch more fish using the
application. Our aim is to get you on the right river at the right time - when the bugs are
active and fish are feeding. Ryple is simply one of the many tools an angler has at their
disposal. You still need to know how to fish!

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