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Mar 08, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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RPG Lite (Random Password Generator)


RPG Lite (Random Password Gene Description

RPG is the Randomized Password Generator.

Use RPG to get a strong and secure password to protect your important data and protect your privacy!

Stop using passwords that you can find in a dictionary! Such passwords are easily compromised (by testing words from a dictionary), and your data won’t be protected.

Instead, start using random passwords, which are not found in dictionaries and are much less likely to be tested in a “brute force” attack. Your important data will thank you.

Don't spend time messing with settings! RPG quickly generates 11 passwords with varying strength, color coded to help you quickly find a password with the characteristics you need.

Don’t worry about random passwords that are hard to remember! RPG creates strong memorable passwords using a clever technique that helps the password resemble a word, which is easier to remember than a series of random letters and numbers.

Now you can turn on Balanced Passwords using the settings icon in the Info page! You'll enter passwords faster (whether on a full keyboard or on your phone) because each letter alternates between left and right hands (or thumbs).

You can feel safer with several passwords generated at the same time, since there is no way the app or the person watching over your shoulder could know which password you decide to use! Just memorize the password you like and your secret will be safe.

Touch the blue disclosure indicator by the password you like, and you can copy it for easy pasting later.

This is the LITE version of RPG. It is functional and includes ads. This version only runs on iOS 4.0 and later.

Upgrade to the full version (available separately) to get:
- Support for older iOS devices back to 3.0.
- No ads.
- Longer passwords (up to 16 letters!).
- Hawaiian passwords with aloha (using the smaller Hawaiian alphabet).
- Other cool features planned.

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