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Oct 05, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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Rock Operator


Rock Operator Description

Rock Operator is a location-based app that guides groups and individuals of all ages through the now extinct volcano of Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh, exploring the points of historical interest along the way.

“It was fun & cool to follow the dot"
- Tanya (6)

Using your device's GPS signal, you will see how exactly where you are and can also be sure you're following the route without worrying about getting lost.

From St Margaret’s Well, past St Anthony’s Chapel up into Hutton’s Section on Salisbury Crags and back to Dynamic Earth, it shows the important locations that laid the foundations of geological science. It offers discussion points and clues to engage users of all ages with the heritage of this fascinating environment.

If you're in Holyrood Park itself:

• Follow a heritage trail on the ground and see points of interest.

If you're not in the park:

• Browse points of interested from your own home or classroom
• Find out about the struggle between Plutonians and the Neptunians.
• See how the area was changed, by quarrying using satellite imagery.

The app contains one walking trail, 4 points of interest, with images, animations plus a footnote at each location from the wise and learned Professor Egbert. You’ll see the place name of polymath, James Hutton, a polemic of the Scottish Enlightenment, who radicalized the perceived age of the Earth.

More content and updates will be added over time - please send us your comments using the feedback button in the App!

Or go to and see some of the games and activities you can download.

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