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Sep 23, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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Ringtone Studio Pro


Ringtone Studio Pro Description

Ringtone Studio Pro is an application for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 that allows you to make ringtone files (m4r) from your iPod library.
Simply by selecting a song from your iPod library (excluding AAC files with DRM protection) you can easily create a ringtone file.

This application is only used to create the ringtone file.
After that the following additional steps are necessary:

(1) Import the created file as a ringtone into iTunes
(2) Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac and sync it with your iTunes library.

- Choose songs from your iPod library to create m4r ringtone files
- Set the starting point in the song for the ringtone
- Created file is between 5 to 30 seconds in length from the start point
- Created ringtone files can be sent in e-mail attachments
- Playback testing

Until you get accustomed to it, adding a custom ringtone to your iPhone can be a little difficult.
In order to make it as smooth as possible, the application contains instructions with illustrations in the help menu so please refer to them.

*Supported Devices
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 4

* This application utilizes the hardware encoder functions of the iPhone 3GS and subsequent models, so iPhone 3G and iPod Touch are not supported.

*Supported Operating Systems
- iOS 4 and above (because it uses functions only made available with iOS 4)

*Important Notes
- This application is for the creation of ringtone files (m4r). In order to use a custom ringtone on your iPhone, you must import the ringtone file into iTunes, then connect your iPhone to your PC and sync it.
- Only songs that are MP3 or unprotected AAC files can be used as ringtones.
- You cannot make a ringtone from a DRM protected AAC file.

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