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Nov 19, 2009
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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REM4 Mobile Command™


REM4 Mobile Command™ Description

Readiness and Emergency Management Experts Everywhere, Every time, Everyone

The Company: REM4

Most companies do not realize that an incident will occur or the company has not considered and prepared for all-hazards that might occur! It is a well-known fact that there is an 80% likelihood of a major crisis occurring to your business.

REM4 is the everywhere, every time emergency management solutions company focused on preparation thru recovery! We place mission critical, life and property saving information in the hands of every crisis team member via our online and Mobile Command software. Our worldwide customers include all facets of industry, education, and government entities.

One of the reasons we are a global company is that we protect our clients with a 6 month check-up. That is, we recommend to our clients that Emergency Management must be reviewed every six months due to personnel changes, weather conditions, additions/deletions of physical property, etc.

Let REM4 help you and your company by allowing us to help you with Emergency Management.


The REM4 Online and Mobile Command Solutions are the most advanced readiness and emergency management software tools on the market today. REM4 Mobile Command allows all of your crisis team members, administrators and first responders to access your facilities emergency readiness information on demand, right from their mobile devices.

With the Mobile Command program, you can view your entire emergency readiness plan, view crisis team contact/role information, and review assigned activities based on hazard and phase from your iPhone or iTouch. Imagine being notified of a crisis and being able to respond quickly and effectively with all of the lifesaving information at your finger tips. Best of all, you’ll have access even when phone service and Internet connectivity fail.

The REM4 Mobile Command synchronizes your iPhone or iTouch with your *REM4 Online Command System™ Crisis Plan (*enterprise license required) to provide you with specific instructions on how to respond to any emergency situation. To view a demo, log into the application with the following username: and password: demo.

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