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Jun 12, 2014
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Receipt Scanner For Expense Reports


Receipt Scanner For Expense Re Description


Receipt Scanner makes your Tax Reporting easier by giving you the ability to track your business expenses, income, hours and mileage.

Receipt Scanner is an all-inclusive app for tracking and reporting Business Expenses with copies of your receipts, Mileage Log and Time Sheet. Generate and email expense reports in seconds as PDF or Spreadsheet files. Manage all your business activities in one app. More importantly, Sync as many devices as you want in order to use the same data. Smart scanner with auto-crop and image enhancement features included.

Save hours on accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation. Instantly send your extracted data to QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, Xero, Excel, FreshBooks or dozens of other accounting tools.

* Record Business Expenses for different activities, individuals or companies
* Time tracking capability with the additional ability to set the date when entering total hours
* Mileage tracking for all your business activities, you can even track your mileage on different cars
* Sort expenses by "Date" , "Category", "Payment Type" or "Client." Ascending/descending
* Smart scanner with auto-crop and image enhancing features
* Scan photos of receipts and save as a receipt document
* Organize your receipts by Profile, Date, Vendor, Payment type, and Category
* Create and send expense reports right from your iPhone/iPad
* Export your expense reports by Profile, by Vendor, by Category or by Periods/dates
* Organize your receipts by date, vendor, payment type, and category.
* Bar graphs of all your expenses by Vendor, Category, Daily, Monthly and Annually
* Mileage Tracker (In App Purchase)
* Time Tracker for business (In App Purchase)
* Live Currency Convertor
* Export expenses as high definition PDF file or CSV format
* Backup and Restore data (In App Purchase)
* Email and phone support available 24/7

This application supports 12 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Danish, Dutch, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Very Important: Please email us directly in the App, WE CANNOT REPLY ON REVIEW PAGE of iTunes App Store.

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