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Jul 30, 2009
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 2.2.1 or later
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 81

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Quicky Browser (save pages for offline viewing)


Quicky Browser (save pages for Description

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Quicky is a fast efficient browser that acts as an alternative to Safari.

1. Offline Browsing - Each bookmark you save will also save an offline copy into your device. If you ever lose internet connection, just load up a bookmark and your page will still be there. This is great for those who like to read news articles where there is no internet connection. Images and ads are stripped from the offline version, so that it can load faster and use less storage in your device.
2. Full Screen Browsing - This app shows all websites with the maximum viewing size your device can handle (even the status bar is hidden). This saves you about 1/3 of the screen space that Safari's toolbars use. To show/hide the toolbar, just tap the bottom-right of your screen.
3. Quick Homepage Access - When you start this app, your homepage immediately loads in full view. Safari just shows you an outdated version of the last page you viewed.
4. No Browsing History - Now you do not have to worry about constantly clearing your history to prevent nosy people looking through your browsing history.
5. Lock Rotation - Safari gets annoying sometimes when it rotates without you wanting it to rotate. Now you can press a button and prevent your website from rotating.
6. Efficiency - Multiple windows are merged into one to keep the app as efficient as possible. A single browsing window means that you do not have to worry about swiping through different pages, because all links will open in the same window.
7. No Footprint - Safari stays in your device's memory until you power cycle your device. This browser removes itself from your RAM when you end it. Now you can have more RAM to run other apps, such as games and video, faster.

Other features:
1. Google search bar
2. Email a link to the website
3. Download/Save the original image (unlike other browsers that just tell you to take a screenshot of the image)
4. Open the current page in Safari
5. Same gestures as Safari (pinch to zoom, double tap to zoom, finger scroll, hover to copy & paste, etc.)

Tap the bottom-right of the screen to unhide the toolbar.

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Quicky Browser (save pages for Screenshots

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