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May 24, 2012
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
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Puss In Boots (Free Version)


Puss In Boots (Free Version) Description

" Puss In Boots is a great story and I highly recommend it to parents and teachers." - Apps on Tapp

Marvelous stories and excellent form. Dive into the fabulous world of magic, extraordinary adventures, true values and real emotions, to discover the finest selection of the most beautiful fables for the iPad. Fabulous narration, charming illustrations and catchy songs – you will be charmed!

What do you think will happen when a cat becomes the main character in a fable? This extraordinary story about a true hero conquering the world will happen, that's what! Unbelievable adventures, gorgeous songs and the great sense of humor of Puss in Boots will show you how talent and cunning can change one's life!

The series offers the finest features that breath new life into this amazing story:

• Gorgeous songs in which you and your child will immediately fall in love (you can also listen to them after switching off the app!),
• Text is highlighted while read by the narrator (this will help your child learn how to read),
• Cinderella is read by professional actors. That makes the narration really special. Sounds effects, music, many voices. You will be amazed by the effort that went into production!
• Easy to use menu that you can always hide, helps to navigate the app.
• Well-designed animations give the impression that you have a real book in your hands.
• Use this app easily: tap once to change the part of the text on the page or tap twice to change the page.

Time to reach for the classics and, together with the whole family, enjoy the most fascinating stories about magic, incredible adventures and everlasting battle of good and the evil.

We have released this free version of Puss in Boots to let you make an informed purchase decision. Test the quality of the app and then decide whether you would like to buy the full version. You can unlock the full content via an In App Purchase. There is a special protection mechanism that been provided in order to avoid accidental purchases: a simple math equation needs to be solved before getting access to the purchase option.

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