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Dec 26, 2013
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 61

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Punch Bowl College Football Edition


Punch Bowl College Football Ed Description

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Hello college football fans ... and welcome to the Punch Bowl!

Punch Bowl is the world's first-ever App designed to take talking smack to a whole new level on your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you are a rabid fan or simply want to fly your colors proudly, then this is the must have App for you. But if you want to *show* smack? Well, then you ... my good friend ... are in the right place as this is the first-ever App specially designed for you to be able to deal with that annoying friend, family member or fan talking garbage at your tailgate party, the game or down at the bar ... and deal with it RIGHT NOW!

Punch Bowl allows you to either use an existing photo in your gallery or snap a quick photo of the "enemy" next to you at a bar or tailgate party and then dress them up in a uniform of your choice to Punch, Shake Throw and Shoot them until your heart's content. You can literally shake or smack someone's head off, bounce them off a goal post or drill them with a football ... wherever you choose. Don't forget to snap a quick photo of them as you beat them silly and send it to them over Email or post it to your Facebook wall as a reminder to never, ever mess with you or your team again.

This is a game of playful fun and fan embarrassment. It is either a conversation starter ... or a conversation ender ... completely YOUR CHOICE! Don't leave home without it and don't give the other obnoxious smack talker the satisfaction of thinking that they're in any way getting inside your head. Use this and it's simply 3 and OUT!


* Select a free Notre Dame jersey or pick any other jersey of your choosing from the in-app BCS conferences available for purchase, including the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten and Pac 10 conferences.
* Use a photo from your photo gallery or take a photo on-the-fly in real-time to start the pummeling process. Easy image manipulation to move, drag, zoom or rotate pictures in to place.
* Free mustache and glasses options are included for added effect -- the stupider and more embarrassing looking the better!
* A Punch Chamber can be used to lock down your target and start stretching and smacking their face and torso -- until their head flies off!
* A Shake Chamber can be used to bounce your target around the locker room -- until their head flies off!
* A Throw Chamber can be used to grab and flick your target over, under or *off* the goal post -- wherever you'd like! (Heck, hit them off the boxes while you're at it!)
* A Kick Chamber can be used to flick a football at your "helplessly suspended above the goal post" target -- in the face, in the gut or in the groin ... your choice!
* Save or share a photo of your target while in the Punch Chamber, Shake Chamber, Throw Chamber or Kick Chamber -- keep it in your photo gallery or share it via Email or Facebook -- EVERYWHERE!
* Share the App with your contacts via Email, Facebook or Twitter so that they can join in and help you embarrass the other morons out there that just don't seem to get it -- whenever you'd like!

Download now and start enjoying the fun! After all, talking smack is talking smack ... but *showing* smack is talking smack at a whole new level!

PLEASE NOTE: No fan photos, pictures or rag dolls were hurt in the creation of this App! LOL!

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