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Mar 02, 2014
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 20

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Portable Contracts


Portable Contracts Description

Easily create, sign, and manage all of your business contracts and releases on the go.


Portable Contracts is a contract templating system that allows you to get rid of your paper contracts and manage everything, including collecting signatures, right from your iPad. If your business requires the use of contracts on a regular or semi-regular basis (i.e. real estate professionals, professional photographers, service professionals, property managers, contract workers, etc.), this is the app for you.

Listed below are some of the highlights of our application:

✓ Unlimited contract template creation capabilities
✓ Built-in text editor that allows changes to fonts, colors, sizes, and text alignments
✓ No contract length limitations
✓ Unlimited custom dynamic fields for use in your contract templates
✓ Dynamic field types include: Client Information (name, address, etc.), Date, Date Time, iCal DateTime, Text, Long Text, Signature, Initials, Drop List, Tiny/Small/Medium/Large Image, and Header Image
✓ Capture digital signatures from your clients in real-time
✓ Email PDF copies of your signed or unsigned contracts to you and your clients
✓ Create multiple business profiles for simple client and contract management between your different businesses
✓ Pull (and sync) contacts from your iPad address book
✓ iCal DateTime keyword allows you to add events to your calendar automatically as each contract is signed
✓ Simple visual cues to help you quickly identify the status of your contracts and clients
✓ Create your own contract templates or purchase professionally written contract templates through the in-app purchase area
✓ Print directly to any AirPrint-enabled printer

No other iPad app gives you this level of flexibility with your contracts. Give it a try and see for yourself!
Here’s a brief rundown of how the app works:

1)Create or import your blank contracts as “Templates”. Replace the variable information (such as a customer’s name, contract dates, job details, etc.) with “keywords.” The keywords will be replaced with the actual, specific information before each contract is signed.

2)Create or import your client list. If your client list is already in your iPad's Address Book simply select your clients and click “Import.” If your clients are not in the Address Book, you can create them in the app and have their information automatically sync to your Address Book (optional).

3)Once you have imported or created your client list, you can create a contract by selecting both a template and a client. All of the client information is automatically populated into the keyword areas, and you are free to modify the information at any time before getting the contract signed.

4)The next time you see your client, pull up the saved contract (or create a new one on the fly) and have them sign it directly on your iPad. Copies of the signed contracts can be emailed to you and your clients as PDFs, and the signed contracts stay attached to your clients’ records for easy review and future reference.

There is no end to the contract types that can be created or managed with Portable Contracts.

Updates are released as frequently as possible to accommodate any reported problems and/or newly requested capabilities. Visit our website at for more information, or email to contact us directly.

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