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Jun 13, 2014
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pocketKPI Description

Need employees to view KPIs on iPhones quickly and cost-effectively using your existing systems and developers?

Here's how PocketKPI can help:

1. You've been asked to help employees view KPIs on their iPhones, but the budget is modest and you don't have the resources to develop and support a custom iOS app.

2. Swapping your existing systems for expensive alternatives with proprietary apps isn't realistic: you've already got the data - you just need the app.

3. The app needs to be attractive and intuitive for employees, but flexible enough to display all your KPIs and work with the systems you already own.

4. PocketKPI displays all the KPIs you want; passing data to the app only requires your existing systems to export a JSON file to a web server you control.

You can even use your Public Dropbox folder to test before pointing pocketKPI to a corporate server. Flexibility is a core strength of pocketKPI.

** Key Features of pocketKPI **

▪ View indicators in a clear and beautifully designed interface.
▪ Display an unlimited number of KPIs.
▪ Organise KPIs into "dashboards" that reflect different areas of the business.
▪ Configure colour coding to reflect your tolerances.
▪ Host data on any existing web-facing infrastructure.

For more information please visit us at

To learn about the JSON file structure required by pocketKPI and to download sample JSON files visit

To learn about our product roadmap visit

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