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Jun 12, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 51

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Pin Drop - Custom maps and location bookmarking


Pin Drop - Custom maps and loc Description

Pin Drop is a bookmarking tool for remembering the places that are important to you, helping you keep track of personally curated locations for travel, work and lifestyle interests.

Drop virtual pins to make a customised map, and group locations into categories. Add your own notes and images, then share lists with friends publicly or privately. Send pins to friends seeking for recommendations of where to go, what to see and do.

Pin Drop is also the first truly social mapping app, because the pins are generated by users and shared by the community.

Whether creating your own tour guide, keeping a memoir of places or just a practical and simple way to log a location, whatever it is: See it. Pin it. Remember it.

- Import location data from all your social accounts
- Share places with friends, using private or public settings
- Collaborate with others to plan travel itineraries, share memories, or record group places of interest
- Discover ‘What’s Near You’
- Send pins to friends, or your favourite navigation apps
- Browse through tips from top curators


* Travel
Shopping, Sightseeing, Drinking, Dining, Translation of foreign destinations, Itinerary planning

* Work
Location scouting for photographers, delivery routes, sales/customer tracking, wedding planners, Housing agents, political electioneering, property management, public utilities (drains, pipes)

* Hobbies
History Tours, Birdwatchers, Skaters, Surfers, StreetArt Graffiti, Drainspotting, Guerilla gardening, Parks & Playgrounds

*** 2014 Webby Award Nominee - Best Use of GPS or Location Technology
*** 2014 Webby Award Nominee - Social
*** iTunes "Best of 2013" app


“Pin Drop might at first sound like another (yawn) map app, but this is something that once you’ve used you will move to the front page of your phone. Truly intuitive, truly smart, and truly useful.” - Stephen Fry

“What you have is an exceedingly useful app which also works offline, where you can drop pins of locations and recommend them, making them public or private.” - TechCrunch

“Pin Drop allows you to browse through lists of the best attractions and restaurants made by its community. But its best feature is really allowing you to pin a point on a map when you stumble across something interesting so you can remember its exact location.” - 88DB Singapore Lifestyle

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