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Jan 15, 2014
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Pedal to the Steel


Pedal to the Steel Description

Jambots' Pedal to the Steel gives you easy access to the amazing sounds of pedal steel guitar. The interface has been simplified to be intuitive rather than simulating a pedal steel guitar with all of its inherent complexity. The pedals are taken care of automatically so you can improvise legato harmony and never play a wrong note. Real instrument recordings provide an authentic sound. Mix and match sounds and styles in any key.

How To Play
Touch anywhere between the frets on either guitar neck to play.
You can play more than one note or chord by touching with multiple fingers.
Slide smoothly between chords by dragging across the frets.
The positions with markers play chords or notes outside of the selected key.
Marked positions and are not voiced when sliding, only when touched directly.

Each of the instruments plays a specific lead or chord style using up to four notes recorded in harmony.
Two instruments are included in the free version:
Archtop - accoustic lead
Tiki Lounge - pedal steel 7th chord exotica

Forore Instruments unlock 4 additional sounds with one In App Purchase.
Console Country - Classic 3rd harmony lead
Fuzz Wah - Noisy psyhedelic rock lead
Triad and True - Major chords and pedal moves
Eclipse Echo - Prog rock lead with gain and delay
Unlocking also also disables ads.

Caveat Emptor
Each instrument has idiosyncracies in pitch, tone and timing which can add character to your performance. There is a bit of lag when sliding between notes. This is necessary because at the Jambots sound engine uses instrument samples rather than synthesis. Fancy picking has been omitted as it would limit the ability to use the instrument with all tempos.

About the Sounds
The typical effect chain is as follows: instrument, EQ, compressor, volume pedal, delay, tube amplifier, close mic (left), room mic (right). The program material contains intentional clipping and intermodulation distortion. This does not indicate defects in the record album or playback system.

The sounds and performances are intended to pay homage to my favorite steel guitar players. Much respect and many thanks for inspiration to:
Steve Howe of Yes
Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips
Alvino Rey of Esquivel!
Don Helms of Hank Williams' Drifting Cowboys

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