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Apr 16, 2014
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Pedal Plan


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**On iOS7? Delete the app and re-download from the app store for it to work again!**

We’ve all experienced the difficulty in rearranging our pedals. Velcro’ed down, they won’t come off without a fight.

Pedal Plan App is a revolutionary new way to plan, rearrange and show off your pedals, without the fight.

Input your board size then add the pedals you already own and the ones you are GAS-ing (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) over to see how they’d look and fit. Simply drag, drop and reorder from a huge selection of perfectly scaled pedal images.

Pedal Plan is a living catalogue of effects pedals and aims to become the industry standard for every guitarist developing a pedalboard. It takes time and effort to gain the permission of so many pedal manufacturers, but we are committed to making regular updates which will be free for life. If there's a manufacturer you love that hasn't been included, chances are, we've contacted them but haven't heard back. You can help us by tweeting or emailing them to let them know! To say thanks for supporting Pedal Plan so early in it's life, you get a discount on the price ($5)!

Please Note: Due to the nature of the large number of real pedal graphics, we recommend Pedal Plan is used with the latest iOS on the iPhone 4 & 4S, iPad or iPod Touch 4th Gen. Usage on lower specification hardware may result in lag.

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