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Oct 28, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 4

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Peak Meetings Lite (better, faster meetings)


Peak Meetings Lite (better, fa Description

Users have called this “... the best business app by far” and ”A must-have for business.” Reviewers have raved, too. Bill French, of said, “Peak Meetings redefines what it means to have a successful meeting.” And Chad Garrett of gave it ★★★★ (“I found this app to be incredibly useful.”)

Peak Meetings® is a powerful tool for capturing and organizing your thinking, and making meetings more efficient and effective. It’s simple to use, and perfect for grabbing your thoughts in those micro moments when ideas hit you. With 7 different meeting types to choose from, you can focus your thoughts and plans to exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

Peak Meetings is better than a NOTE-TAKING APP, because it gives you a framework for your ideas and insights, and makes using that information faster and easier. Your meeting preps and the way you conduct meetings will be much more focused than with merely a blank (digital) slate.

Peak Meetings is better than a NOTE PAD, because all your meeting notes, agendas, insights, ideas, and plans are fully searchable. You can even keep a catalog of files for standing meetings, and be able to retrieve instantly any information recorded from a prior meeting.

Peak Meetings is better than an “enterprise meeting solution”, because it’s always with you and instantly ready. No laptop needed. No special software. And, potentially, no more wasted time.


  ■  PM LITE: This free version, for iPhone or iPod touch, is ad supported and allows you to save up to five meetings at a time. It also works only in Portrait mode. PM Lite runs on the iPad, in reduced view.

  ■  INTEGRATION: Import meeting details from iCal, Outlook, or other calendar programs. Or start out in Peak Meetings and then create a calendar item which you can forward on to team members.

  ■  EMAIL: Share your thoughts and plans even with people who don’t have Peak Meetings. Or send it to yourself, so you can print out a copy of your notes.

  ■  QUICK GUIDES: Get a snapshot of each meeting type. Use these when you don’t have time to prepare, or when you’re trying to decide which meeting type to use.

  ■  GIFTING: Want to improve the meeting skills of your colleagues? “Gift” them this app! That will also give your team a consistent, focused format for your meetings.

  ■  SYNCHING: The HD version does not currently synch files between the iPad and iPhone versions. It’s coming, but we’re a boot-strapped operation and our budget only took us so far. Thanks for your patience!

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