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Jun 12, 2014
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PDG Suite - NCO '13


PDG Suite - NCO '13 Description

Looking for an all-in-one Air Force promotion study app? PDG Suite™ for NCOs combines all of our guides into one suite app, brought to you by the most trusted source for quality Air Force study guides. If you're testing from Oct 2013-Sept 2015, there's no better app to prepare you for the PFE.

Study each PDG chapter with our proven 3-Step Study System:
1. ReviewNotes: Gain an overview of the PDG with key statements in summary format.
2. Single-Answer: Flip through more than 4,500 flashcards to reinforce the correct information.
3. Multiple-Choice: Quiz yourself with more than 2,900 questions similar to those on your exam.

When you're finished, use our Final Exam feature to see if you're ready for test day.

PDG Suite™ app features:
• Study more than 9,800 questions and ReviewNotes.
• Choose from four unique study modes.
• Prep for test day using the proven 3-Step Study System from our "PDG GOLD" software.
• Target your study session with filters like Correct/Incorrect or Seen/Unseen.
• Refer to your PDG with chapter and page references.
• Tap acronyms to view pop-up definitions.
• View questions in shuffled or sequential order.
• Customize font style and size.
• Navigate using familiar swipe gestures or the toolbar.
• Select portrait or landscape view.
• Rely on free, timely tech support from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Check out "PDG Advisor" online for additional features not available in this app – MKTS-focused study, peer comparison, a customizable study plan, use on unlimited devices and more. Purchase automatically enters you to win amazing prizes in our GOLD MINE Sweepstakes!

Since 1988, McMillan Study Guides has been dedicated to serving the men and women who serve our country. Thousands of Airmen attribute their promotions to our study guides. Find out why your colleagues rely on us for their next stripe at

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