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Mar 10, 2014
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PCSoccerFree Description

PlayCreator Soccer FREE PHASE 1.1:

THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL ANIMATED PLAYBOOK CREATOR!! A Must have for ANY one interested in play development of plays for real or fantasy teams!!!

No more old fashion white board to create plays that are detrimental to a game.

Record player movement EXACTLY as they should execute (Advanced Real-time multi-Player coordinated ANIMATION!!) to illustrate the elegant artistry of player unselfish cooperation needed in team play! A life lesson that extends beyond sports....

Share Plays with your team via Apple AIRPLAY! PlayerCreator is taking Playbooks into the 21st Century.

And... we've only just begun....

The patent pending play creator allows you to customize and create your own plays store them and use the on the Field, Locker Room (e.g. show on a large screen TV via airplay) , With Coaching staff, Practice or one on one with Players.

You will define in animation (real Movement e.g. Studder step, slow jog, fast run) all players movements along with what Player would have the ball at any given time of the play.

This is a must have for anyone that needs to Communicate play information Quickly and easily.

- Player Objects (X's or O's) on the field can now be personalized with first Names and PICTURES!! (Pictures of your players moving in the pattern you want on the field is really FUN/COOOL!!!)

- StickyNotes have been added. You can add written notes with the play that can't be fully encoded in the animation. You can bring up sticky notes in 2 ways
a) From the List of Plays at the front page of the App
b) When on the field or court, just "pinch" the screen at the StickyNotes for that play can be brought up, read, and this dismissed from the field/court.

- When a new play is created you can "Copy" the player roster from another play along with play initial positions so that you can "jump start" design of a new play!! It now copies Pictures and other personnel information of players you want on the field!!

- On the Help Screen a "Contact Us" button has been added so that it is easier to get questions answered, received improvement suggestions from our valued customers.

Also checkout the online video tutorial:

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