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Aug 24, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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osCommerce Viewer Description

osCommerce Administrator is a packet-client of server applications.
Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage osCommerce shops which work within osCommerce module, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at your e-Shop.

osCommerce Administrator includes:
* osCommerce Viewer - allows visitors to View and Search Products
* osCommerce Administrator - application with extended functions with which Administrator is able to manage osCommerce e-Shops

How osCommerce Administrator apps work:
Apps, included in osCommerce Administrator, work together with osCommerce module which is set up directly before working with a osCommerce e-Shop.
The module can be through the Administrative managing panel, where the way of setting depends on the level of security of servers.

If you want to allow your clients to view your e-Shop, you need to install and publish the module osCommerce in the Admin panel.

This App for osCommerce e-Shop offers a lot of features:
* Manage Categories (Edit, Move, Delete)
* Manage Products (Edit, Move, Delete)
* Manage Orders (Change Status, Delete)
* Notification about new Orders
* Brief view of every Order
* Detail view of an Order
* Product line of an Order
* Short cut for Call/E-Mail
* Value of all orders till now
* Date of last order
* Manage language

osCommerce Viewer is a client-server application.
Using this application visitors of your osCommerce shop are able to view and search products.

osCommerce Viewer includes:
1) View and search Categories
2) View and search Products
3) View popular Products
4) View newly arrived Products

To view your favourite e-Shop with the help of osCommerce Viewer, you need to install managing module osCommerce which considerably enlarges your e-Shop's functionality and popularity. In case, while viewing the e-Shop you are reported that you need to have the module installed, please apply to the e-Shop's Admin for help.

If some problem occured, apply to our support service - for help.
Our Administrator will get in touch with you and install the managing module in the shortest possible time.

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