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Apr 16, 2014
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Online Rapid Update System


Online Rapid Update System Description

ORUS is a breakthrough application solving a huge void in the repossession, recovery, private investigating, and insurance investigation business just to name a few.

This application streamlines the field agents job enabling them to process an update on the mobile app and submit it to any email address they provide.
Most of the fields have simple drop down menus for ease of use, and a comment box to fill in with any necessary information. The application will
store this email address for future use as well. In addition you can add photos by taking pictures directly from the camera and include them in the email, this is a very unique feature
which will provide actual pictures of the asset or address you are visiting.

This application will solve a huge problem in the industry, as developers we have been in the repossession industry for 15+ years and have always been plagued with the update process.
The clients constantly require status reports and this will change the business indefinitely. While only some agents have laptops in their vehicles, most all have Smart Phones!

This application will last a lifetime and be a HUGE Asset to Recovering your clients asset.

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