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Mar 05, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 7

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Note Names & Pitches


Note Names & Pitches Description

Provides a quick and easy way to hear a pitch for any written note or piano key.
• Choose between Treble, Alto, Tenor, and Bass clefs.
• Touch the staff and see and hear the piano key play.
• Play the piano and see the notation and name for what you are playing.
• hoose between Treble, Alto, Tenor, and Bass clefs.
• Touch the staff and see and hear the piano key play.

- Be able to write down that melody you just composed so other musicians can play it.
- Plunk out a melody without needing to be fluent in reading music. Just match written notes between Note Names & Pitches and your music.
- If you read music but don’t know the piano well, just choose a written note and it will play the pitch for you, give you the name of the note, and show you where it is on the piano.
- It’s also handy for any musician who regularly plays in ledger lines, Alto or Tenor clef, or simply needs a pitch every once in a while. String players, and a-cappella vocal groups could all find this indispensable.

Simply touch and drag up and down on the staff to select the note, slide right for sharp, left for flat, or slide up and down near either edge for constant sharps or flats.
When playing the keyboard; swipe to move the keyboard, tap to play notes, touch & hold then slide to glissando. When you glissando up, notes will be notated in sharps, when you glissando down, notes will be notated in flats. When you tap specific notes they will be notated in the most common accidental for that note. ie: Eb rather than D#, F# rather than Gb.

Simple. Quick. Easy.

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