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Jan 10, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
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Nett Nett Calculator


Nett Nett Calculator Description

Nett Nett Calculator
 - Know what it costs
 - Know what margin you make
Nett Nett Calculator makes it easy to calculate a product's nett nett cost. 
Imagine the sales person is in front of you and tells you what offer/discount he can provide. You ask what does that make the product cost and he asks for your wholesaler discount so he can send you the nett nett cost.
Instead you pull out your iPhone and use Nett Nett Calc to realise that yes the discount is good but you make more margin with your current product. Better negotiations can ensue and less time wasted.
However sometimes the deal is good and you need to let your partner/colleague etc know just press the email button and all the details are populated into an email for you to add comments.
Especially useful when being supplied through a wholesaler (who is providing a discount) whilst receiving various discounts/incentives from a product manufacturer.

Enter in the products list price, wholesaler discount % (if any), % mark-up, manufacturer offers and discounts.

Press the calculate button and receive nett nett cost price, sell price, margin (gross) and % margin (gross).

Email the entered information and calculation results by pressing the E-mail Result button.

Tailor your email before sending it. Once sent a message will appear in the application to let you know the status of the email.

Useful application for all types of retailers to the public (such as vets , pet shops , electricians , dentists , hairdressers , stationary , office supplies , toy shop , cosmetics , pharmacy , Books , clothes , electronic , white goods , gifts and consumables ) and also for manufacturers and wholesalers to inform the customers about a products true cost and achievable margin.

Due to the range of discounts that it is possible to achieve nett nett calculator is able to easily provide you with the resulting absolute cost price and therefore margin.

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