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Jul 12, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 14

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Naked King - Free


Naked King - Free Description

"The adventure of heroes has just started to get the Naked King's crown back !!!"

The best strategy simulation game has come onto the App Store, it will be amazing around the world.

◆ Introduction
- This is a strategy-defence game where you can demolish the enemy's castle by producing works & solders.
- Should make a strategy with more than 20 units such as Knight, Sniper, Shielder, Miner and Wizard.
- 30 kinds of monsters + 300 different stages + 8 special boss stage as well.

◆ How to play
- Firstly produce a worker to make a food used in producing worker and other units.
- Can start producing soldiers just after making enough workers.
- Should defend your castle from the enemy & attack and demolish the enemy's.
- While playing the game you can get a new unit by winning the battle.
- Can upgrade your units whenever get experienced enough to do that.
- Have to beat all 7 boss monsters and take back the King's crown.

◆ Tips
- Should produce units such as near-unit, defence-unit and far-unit under your strategy.
- The unit 'Hero' has a strong power of attack but is also very expensive to produce.
- Can attach an item onto a unit which is being producing. That's more strong than before.
- Can upgrade the castle from town to fortress. It improves production counts & defence power.
- Can enjoy 3 modes of the game (WAR, SURVIVAL, DUNGEON) with 3 different levels like EASY, NORMAL, HARD.

◆ More
- Support a full screen of iPhone & iPod Touch family.
- Will continue to update such as adding new monsters and battle net.

★ Official online cafe ★

★ Official Facebook ★

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