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Jun 11, 2014
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My Tokyo Navi


My Tokyo Navi Description

My Tokyo Navi is a public transport routing application for the Tokyo area. Are you ever in a situation where you want to know which nearby station you should walk to and how to get to your destination? Traveling and need an app that works offline because you don't want to incur roaming data charges? This could be the app for you.

The app asks for a start point and a destination point and then tells you how to get between the two using Tokyo's public railways and subways. Both the start and destination can be:

a) Your current location using the iPhone's location services
b) A station selected from the database
c) Any point on the map
d) Any of a, b, or c that you have saved earlier and labeled as home, office, etc.

Some other features include:

-Full, configurable support in Japanese and English.
-A data connection is unnecessary for route finding.
-Search for stations in either English or Japanese. Results appear as you type.
-Routes have a compact view, showing only transfer stations, and an expanded view, showing all intermediate stations.
-Enter lines you want routes to avoid. Useful if train lines are delayed or congested.
-Maps for sections of the route where walking is required.
-Browse a database of train lines and stations at any time.
-When you tap on a train line in a route, you can see all of the stations on that line.
-When you tap on a station in a route, you can see all of the train lines that you can transfer to.

Please note that the database only contains data for public transport in the Tokyo area. Currently train departure and arrival times are not included. Routes are designed to be good on average, no matter what time you arrive at the platform. Time table information may be included in a future update.

Made with a lot of hard work and persistence by one guy in his spare time. Feel free to get in touch any time on Twitter at @wrightak. All feedback welcome.

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