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Nov 01, 2009
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 224

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My Desk (All-in-one Desk)


My Desk (All-in-one Desk) Description

My Desk : All-in-One Desk for your iPhone / Touch!

*** Some people are experiencing crash while loading 1.2 version. Hotfix for this problem is available soon.

What's New in Version 1.2

- Vertical View Mode Added!!
- Clock Alarm Feature Added : You can select 10 cool alarm sound!
- Full Screen Photo Slideshow Feature Added!
- Google Calendar Today Events Sync : You can see how many appointments in today.!

##### See what others say after buying My Desk!

iTunes's Staff Favorites!!!

"Very useful Application" - AppleNewsFlash

"This is exactly what I was looking for."
- minist

"Perfect for sitting on my desk at work!"
- Jebri

"This will make a good home screen of your iPhone. Both eye-pleasing and feature-packed."
- enamu


A clock, a calendar, a photo frame, a to-do list, a cup of coffee, a toy, a battery, and Twitter. Everything is on your desk.

What is your iPhone or iPod-touch screen showing up when it’s on standby or when charging?

You don’t have to try to run each different app on your iPhone any longer to check current time/date, listen to music, and read Twitter.

With “My Desk”, you can manage a to-do list, calendar, and daily appointment, listen to favorite music and photos and check your battery status and read twitter at once.

By synchronizing Google Calendar with My Desk, you can check how many appointments you have for the day. Double-tap on a marked day. You can now access your Google calendar.

Flip Clock
Nice Flip Clock shows you current time.
A good thing is that you can wind it back when you don’t want time to pass.

You can monitor the status of your battery.

Even you can’t have the taste of coffee, you can see it’s face and feel the novelty when you touch it.

Read the latest updates from your twitter followers presented like news headlines in a cyclic format. As the comments are repeated until you receive new ones, you will read most of them during work without effort. It’s fun and time-saving.

Photo Frame
It’s brilliant to have my favorite person’s photo and watch them all the time. Put up something you like to have and keep looking at it. You will eventually have it in your hands.

Music Player
Listen to your favorite music randomly on your iPhone or iPod touch. Awesome!

After a set time, a cute little ladybug will fly over the desk and it lets you forget being bored.

To Do
By writing down to do list and checking what you’ve done, you can see the progress of your work.
Now, get some rest.

Desk Style
You can select the nice style you’d like to have and pick the things you’d like to put on. To tidy up the messy desk, just simply shake it. Your desk gets darker at night and gets brighter at day. It’s pretty clever!

*** About Google Calendar Sync ***

The My Desk calendar handle just for today appointment, because you don’t have to stress under how many appointments this weeks or month. You just remember today’s what’s your doing. But, The My Desk update version will remove all of concern about google calendar sync issue likes as customer reviews. Thank you!

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